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Chiropractic New Hope MN Medical Weight Loss

Are you looking for a new breakthrough treatment for Medical Weight Loss? Contact our New Hope MN chiropractic clinic to learn more about our top-rated program.

Our Weight Loss Program In New Hope MN

  • Reduces appetite and food cravings, increases the feeling of fullness
  • Has been shown to lower weight, BMI, waist size, blood sugar, and inflammation
  • The majority of patients had at least 15% weight loss, with many losing more than 20%
  • Weekly painless under-the-skin injections
  • Regular consultations with one of our medical providers

Medical Weight Loss Program FAQs

For those that qualify, our providers prescribe a medication called Wegovy, which can cause significant weight loss over time. Wegovy contains a peptide called Semaglutide.

It mimics a hormone we naturally produce that acts on the brain to regulate appetite.

It is a once-per-week injection that you do on your own at home.

Those with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30 or higher, or if you have a BMI of 27 along with some weight-related health issues, such as high cholesterol.

The FDA has only approved Wegovy for weight loss if you have BMI of a certain level. Some providers may still prescribe these medications, but ours will not.

Learn what your BMI is - CLICK HERE

Everyone's body is different, but 1-2 lbs per week is common.

Results vary. Some people only lose 5%, while others lose much more. the average is about 15% of starting body weight. So, 30 pounds for a 200 lb person.

So far, studies do show that most people gain weight back gradually when they go off the medication. However, if you make changes in your diet and exercise habits it is possible to maintain some, or all of your weight loss. Everyone is different.

Yes. Most health insurance will cover the cost of your office visits. We can check your benefits to see if you have copays or deductibles. The medication itself is usually covered if you meet certain guidelines and we will have to submit a prior authorization to your insurance company for it.

We accept most major medical insurances, Medicare, Medicaid, and most other MN State assistance plans.

We provide general information about healthy eating and exercise, but we do not offer one on one coaching.

The most common side effects are things like nausea, stomach ache, and diarrhea. There are other possibilities that our provider can discuss with you during your visit.

Not at this time.

Yes, but these are only FDA approved for Type 2 diabetes. If you have diabetes we may be able to prescribe one of these for you, but we cannot manage all of your diabetic care needs.

We schedule you for an office visit with one of our medical providers. You fill out standard medical paperwork and see our provider in person. Most often labs will also be ordered. Once we get the labs back we can get to work on the prior authorization with your insurance company for Wegovy and send the prescription to the pharmacy of your choice. After the initial visit, most patients are then seen on a monthly basis to monitor their progress and get a prescription refill.

Due to a high demand some pharmacies have experienced shortages of Wegovy and similar medications.

We are not able to call around to pharmacies for you. We can send your prescription to a pharmacy of your choice.

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